Californiatidepools.com is a website that provides information about tide pools, marine life and intertidal ecology for many tidepool locations throughout California. The images, videos and other information is collected and taken from the actual locations. Please let us know if any information is missing or incorrect. Also let us know if something should be added.

The site is divided into three main areas.


This area list individual tidepool locations throughout California. Note that the site only lists location that we consider good or above average. There may be other locations not listed here that have some form of tide pools but do not provide the as good of an experience.


This section of the website can be used to identify marine life and learn a lot more about individual species commonly found in tide pools. Only the most common forms of marine life are listed. There are hundreds of not thousands of species that can be found in tide pools. Many of the species not listed are very small, not common or transient.

Tide Pool Ecology

This section contains fascinating information about the ecology of the marine life found in tide pools. When most visitors visit a tide pool, they find the common animals like sea stars, urchins, crabs and anemones. This section introduces visitors to patterns in tide pool ecology. These patterns include topics like why do mussels only live in certain areas, why there are barren patches on rocks not covered by barnacles and mussels and why do visitors not find certain animals in some locations.
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