Best Tide Pools in Los Angeles County

The tide pools at Leo Carillo State Beach are a great place to see the various types of tide pools. There are large boulder fields, rocky out crop and large, flat benches that provide a great variety of marine life and habitat to see. This is also a great place to take the family and spend a few hours, explore the sea caves even take a shore hike in the nearby mountains. This location was also used in the TV series Life in a Tide Pool - Sea Hares and Nudibranchs".
Leo Carrillo tidepool area looking south from the bluff One of the several rock out croppings Leo Carrillo tidepool area looking north from the bluff One of the many pools of seawater exposed at low tide A giant green anemone found in one of the many pools Sea stars are common throughout the tidepool area especially near and on the rock out cropping Pool containing mussels, barnacles, sea anemones and red algae Sea star exposed on rock at low tide A large clump of mussels and barnacles A pool with sea anemones and urchins A pool with solitaire anemones, limpets and mussels A lone sea star in a shallow pool surrounded by brown algae One of the many colonies of sand castle worms found in the rocky areas
The tide pools at Abalone Cove are one of the best in Los Angeles County. The tide pools are located quite far from the parking area so be prepared for a walk. There are restrooms on the beach below. The tide pools are what make this location so special. There are large shallow pools where visitors can slowly walk around and see lots of urchins, sea hares are everywhere along with lots of sea anemones. The more exposed locations have lots of mussels, barnacles and algae. These tide pools have the highest diversity of marine life in the county.
Abalone Cove tidepool area as seen from parking area Tidepool are looking south from beach area Shallow lagoon in tidepool area Tube snail building complex on rock One of the numerous sea hares found in the lagoon area Looking north from lagoon area One of the few places in southern California to see a red sea urchin Purple sea urchins are abundant in the shallow pools. Can you find the 5 fish in the picture. Colony of aggregating sea anemones Urchins and sea anemones are very common Barnacles on flat rocks exposed at lower tides Giant key hole limpet can be found
The tide pools at Whites Point are a great location to see lots of mussels, barnacles and other marine life. The tide pools are just a short walk from the parking area and have lots of places to explore. When visiting this area, make sure to explore the surge channels as they have a good variety of marine life including mussels, limpets, barnacle, snails and hermit crabs. This location was also used in the TV series about tide pools Life in a TIde Pool - Mussels and Clams".
The tidepools at Whites Point Looking toward the parking lot from tidepool area The large pool on top of the upper bench Seagulls are a common site A shallow pool in the tidepool area Aggregate sea anemones in a shallow pool Barnacles form thick clumps on the more exposed areas Many channels intersect the rocky area creating good tidepool habitat One of the hot spring areas. Notice the white or light grey area that is actually mats of bacteria
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