One of the many rock out cropping in tidepool area

Coal Point

The tidepools at Coal Point are located at the north end of the beach area in Isla Vista. These tidepools are characterized by flat pools of water trapped by low lying rock formations. There are several larger rocky boulders and rock outcroppings that are covered with marine life including barnacles, mussels and aggregating anemones. Several hardened oil deposits also can be seen on the beach that are the remains of an oil spill long ago. Lots of green algae covers most of the ocean floor and tidal areas.
The tide pools are located at the point in the Devereux Slough area. The beach and tide pools are at the base of a long high bluff. The best place to park is near the corner of Camino Majorca and Del Playa Dr. There many parking spaces along the open space along Camino Majorca. Follow the paths to the beach. There are no amenities near this area.

Tidepool Access

It is best to go to the beach first and walk north along the beach to the tide pool location. There are paths through the bluff the farther north you go but they tend to get a little steeper and trickier to traverse. The best tide pools are located at the point of the preserve.

Points of Interest

The tide pools at Coal Point are mostly a boulder field with a few larger rocky areas. The beach is a gently sloping and extends a hundred yards or so. There is lots of green and brown algae as this area is a calmer that other exposed areas. The higher rocky out crops have lots of rather large mussels. The mussels themselves are covered by small acorn barnacle to the point the mussels are almost completely covered.

Other larger rocks higher in the tide zone are covered with the smaller acorn barnacles. This is a great location to see the various in the tidal zones. This location got its name from the many oil deposits that are still common along the high tide line. The oil in this area occasionally seeps to the surface and will wash onshore.
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