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Natural Bridges State Park Tide Pools

The tide pools for this location are located to the north of the main beach. These tide pools are a classic rock bench in that there is a long flat shelf that extends from the land into the ocean. There is a distinct cliff several feet high where the ocean meets the rock bench. This area has many small deep pools that are several feet wide and deep. There also numerous deep channels that create perfect habitat for marine life to attach to. These tide pools have wide variety of marine life and are very easy to see once you get there.
Parking is available for a fee inside the park area. There is also parking available on the streets and residential areas near the park. This area gets crowded and finding an open parking area can be difficult. There are restrooms and picnic areas inside the park.

Tidepool AccessPoints of Interest

This area has lots of small deep holes several feet deep. Each of these holes is packed with algae and other marine life. It seems like each hole has an entirely different set of animals and algae. The flatter areas have vast mussel beds with various brown and green algae. This area is an ideal tide pool location in that visitors have a large, flat and stable area to walk on and simply need to look down to sees the creatures.

This tide pool location also has numerous deeper surge channels that cut way up into the rocky bench. Visitors can stand near the edge and watch the waves as they crash through the channels. Many mussels and barnacles cover the sides of these surge channels as they are an ideal habitat for these types of animals.

Take a look into each of these channels and deep pools as each one has a different set of algae and animals. I have seen several different crab species on my trips to this location. This area also has several larger colonies of bright colored sponges worth investigating. These tide pools also provide a good way to see the various zones of a tide pool. The outer portions closest to the water have algae and animals associated with the low inter tidal zones. The section just off the edge is characteristic of animals and algae in the mid inter tidal zone and the sections closest to the houses have animals that live in the high tidal zones.
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