Sunset Clifs looking north

Sunset Cliffs Tidepools

Sunset Clifs looking north Looking south from cliffs Rock formation near tidepool sunset cliffs - Closeup of rocks with small limpets and snails sunset cliffs - Flat algae covered tidepool area sunset cliffs - Looking north over flat tidepool area sunset cliffs - Staircase leading from street to tidepool area sunset cliffs - Tidepool area near staircase sunset cliffs - Rocks with limpets and snails
Sunset Cliffs is a well known surfing location. There also a vast tidepool area located at the base of the cliffs. There is a staircase that leads to the beach and tidepool area that provides easy access. The tidepools consist of a large flat area covered by algae. This large flat area has shallow channels where ocean water moves in and out with the tide. The whole area is covered by water at mid to higher tides. Most of the tidepool life lives in these channels. Sea anemones, snails and small fish are the most common animals found in this area. The northern part of the tidepool area has a more contour where low rock formations provide suitable homes for tidepool life.

Location and Parking

The tidepools are located at Sunset Cliffs Beach area where Ladera Street and Sunset Cliffs Boulevard intersect in San Diego California. There is limited parking on the street where the staircase leading to the beach is located. There is a large dirt parking area just up the street that provides ample overflow parking. Parking is free for the street and dirt parking area.

Tidepool Access

The tidepool area is located at the base of the staircase leading from the street to the beach. The staircase is located at the corner of Ladera Street and Sunset Cliffs Boulevard intersect.

Points of Interest

The tidepools to the south are composed of large flat area with shallow channels. This area is covered with short algae that grow on most surfaces. There are shallow channels in the rock area where ocean water can move in and out. These channels are where most of the animal life lives. Smaller limpets, snails and hermit crabs can be found. Sea Anemones are also present in areas where there is good water flow. The tidepool area to the north of the staircase has a few more boulders. These boulders are also covered by algae. There is a bit more diversity and the animals are a little more abundant. This area also has several areas of shallow water that can be explored if willing to get your feet wet. This area provides more opportunities to see other marine life.
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